5 Things to Watch Out For When Buying Cosmetics

Almost all women enjoy filling their shopping basket with cosmetics. This is especially true nowadays when there are so many varieties to choose from. From lipsticks to foundations, hundreds of different brands are available depending on your needs. But how safe are they for your body? What are the things you should be careful about to avoid the cosmetics which contain toxic materials?

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To help you answer these questions and select the safest cosmetics for you, we are listing today the 5 things to watch out for when buying your cosmetics.

To help you choose your makeup better, we are listing today the 5 things to watch out for when buying your cosmetics.

1. Watch out for misleading labels

Do not just fall in for the labels saying “100% natural ingredients”. There are so many products now with this label, even without the list of ingredients. If this is the case, you can contact the manufacturer and ask about their products. Always review the list of ingredients and check also if the product is FDA approved to be sure that it is safe and free from harsh chemicals.


If you find any of these three in the list of ingredients, you should avoid buying the cosmetic. Studies have linked these three chemicals to the development of cancer especially in the kidney and liver. Aside from cosmetics, these three are also found in other personal care and household cleaning products.

3. Watch out for quarternium-15

This is another chemical to watch out for. This is a type of ammonium salt that is usually used as a preservative in different cosmetics. The problem is that it is known to cause allergic reactions especially to people with very sensitive skin. Specifically, it can cause contact dermatitis. If you know that your skin is very sensitive, all the more you should avoid cosmetics with this ingredient.

4. Watch Out for BHA and BHT

Both are usually used in cosmetics and moisturizers. According to some studies, it may cause disruptions in the different endocrine functions. These disruptions may later cause cancer.

5. Watch Out for Sodium Lauryl Sulphate  And Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Once you see both in the ingredients list, you should definitely not buy the cosmetic. The two chemicals, upon interaction with other chemicals, can produce a deadly class of carcinogen. As the name suggests, carcinogens are substances that are known to cause cancer. Aside from cosmetics, it is also used in producing shampoos and conditioners. A person exposed to these two may experience diarrhea, depression and even eye damage.

It is necessary to research first before shopping for your favorite beauty staples to ensure that they are safe. What are the things you will be careful about while choosing your cosmetics? Lets us know how you ensure your safety while selecting cosmetics.


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