Five Tips That Will Help You Create a Healthy Meal Plan and Stick to It!

Do you want to be the healthiest version of yourself but you do not have the idea where to start from? The answer is simple: your plates! Here is a list of five tips that will help you revolutionize your meal plans and give them a healthy spin!

1. Plan Ahead

The best way to start your eating and feeling healthier journey is to plan ahead your meals for the day and then later for the whole week. This way you cannot reach for the XXL potato chip bag just because you have no idea what to eat. Jump start your day with tastiest Breakfast Ideas, then make sure you test some of the Healthy Lunch Ideas, and then sleep better after you have treated your body with one of the Healthy Dinner suggestions.

2. Simplify

Do not be fooled into thinking that eating healthy is equal to eating tasteless food. The trick is to minimize the intake of processed food and maximize the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you love tomato pasta, cut down the portion of pasta on your plate and increase the portion of freshly mashed tomato juice. It is really that simple. Always aim for the healthiest variants of the meals you love!

3. Snacks Are Allowed

Contrary to the common belief, snacks can be healthy if you choose them wisely. But here I am not talking about chips and other food that is packed with empty calories, but I am talking about healthy foods that will keep you full until your next meal. You can snack on strawberries, a portion of sliced tomatoes sprinkled with feta cheese and a bit of olive oil or popcorn. The best way to resist temptation is to donate all of the snacks that are stacked in your secret snack hideaway.

Fresh orange fruit

4. Be Open for Suggestions

If you stumble upon a recipe that includes broccoli and you are not its biggest fan, do not discard it altogether. Give the recipe a try, and if you do not like its taste, just replace the ingredient with another equally healthy and more lovable ingredient such as cauliflower or kale. At the very end, you can omit the ingredient, but make sure that you double the contents of the other vegetables you include in the dish.

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated

The human body often mistakes thirst for hunger, so if you like to help your body to flush away the toxins, make sure that you drink lots of water regularly. Before you reach for food, drink one glass of water first and listen to your body. Maybe you are not really hungry but thirsty.

Please tell us, which one of these tips you find to be the most intriguing and why? Also, please share with us your comments on which additional tips can lead to a healthier eating revolution!


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