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Here are our great contributors who put a lot of effort to make Ole21 possible. Get to know them. They are listed by alphabetical order.


Writer, Bookworm, Naturopath, Animal-Lover, Optimist, Foodie and an Aspiring Author.


Writer, yoga instructor, beauty and fitness expert, Janavi handles different roles in her daily life. After working as a reporter for Times of India for 1 year Janavi is now a freelance writer for many fashion and fitness blogs and writes about yoga, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and more. She is also a consultant for various fitness centers in India.

Joanne is a struggling novelist, freelance writer, long time blogger and big time bookworm. She loves learning new things and finds that she can do this through writing. She’s a big fan of using natural alternatives to health and beauty products and hopes to share some of her knowledge with you.

Marcela Lugo

Dreamer, traveler and fashionista. Passionate about my family, dance, writing, and everything that has to do with making me look and feel better (health and beauty). I like to see and bring out the good in everything; besides of surrounding myself with positive people. I think you live better in that way, don’t you think?
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I am a perfume know it all expert, a lover of nice warm cup of coffee, and an avid football fan, a loving mother, a supportive wife and an absolute bookworm. I am a yoga rookie and everyday I wake up with my pink goggles on. I am trying to see everything with loving eyes, and I tend to find positives even when things are going downhill full speed.

Paula Aroca

While trying every day to balance my work as a content writer from home with my role as a wife and mother of three children, I do research and write, especially about aspects of health and general wellness. If my articles can be useful to those who read them and stimulate curiosity, reflection, and even the changing of some habits for other healthier ones, I will feel more than satisfied.
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