Make Your Thick Hair Look Thinner!

Every time you go to the salon, stylists tell you, “You’ve got such beautiful thick hair!” People see and touch your hair and say you’ve got luscious thick locks. However, we, thick-haired girls just want to make our hair a little bit thinner and more manageable. If you’re a thick-haired girl like me, then check out these 8 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Thinner that are tried and tested to thin out that big mane.

Make your hair look thinner

1.      Start thinning your hair by changing your hair care routine, like washing your hair in cold water.

This helps flatten the hair shaft and give you a smoother, silkier, and less puffy hair. Avoid using hot water for your thick hair since it opens the hair shaft and gives your hair more frizz and volume, so, use cold water instead.

2.      Try washing your hair less often.

Daily hair-rinsing makes hair bigger and bushier. It removes hair’s natural oils that keep it looking smooth and healthy. Try to wash every three or four days to avoid dry and bushy hair and get a tamer, more manageable hair.

3.      Choose volume-reducing hair product.

Choose among serums, creams, and gels that are used to straighten out unmanageable hair. Use what best fits your hair texture and apply it onto your hair after it dries.

4.      Instead of conditioner, try using apple cider vinegar.

Mix half vinegar and half water in a spray bottle or an old conditioner bottle. Use it on your hair after shampooing, rinse, and you’ll have soft and supple hair once it dries. This is better than a conditioner that has agents coating your hair and makes it even thicker.

5.      Regularly change your shampoo.

Certain shampoo ingredients may build up on your hair and make it look thicker. Change your shampoo regularly to avoid and remove build-up.

6.      Straighten your hair.

Use hair iron to flatten out the ends of your hair or ask your stylist for a straightening treatment. This can help your hair look thinner and straighter.

7.      Other than your hair care routine, get thinner hair by visiting the salon.

Ask your stylist for a long layered cut. Long layers help redistribute the volume of your hair and give you a sleeker look.

8.      You can also go for one-dimensional hair colour.

A one-dimensional hair color gives your hair a flatter look. Avoid multi-dimensional hair colours that can make your hair look fuller and bigger.

From simple hair care routine to a salon fix, you can get thinner-looking and sleeker tresses. So, stop fussing over your big mane and start feeling awesome with these 8 hair-thinning tips. Also, check out our post, Wear the Perfect Hair Every Day for a more awesome-looking hair.

Do you have other hair-thinning tips? Do share it with us and let’s spread the good news for all thick-haired girls!


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