Simple yet Miraculous Makeup Removers Found in Your Kitchen Cabinets

The vast majority of commercial makeup removers contain excessive amounts of soaps and alcohol, which strip off the skin of its natural oils. The difference between using a commercial makeup remover and a natural makeup remover is the squeakiness. The commercial makeup removers make the skin squeak, which contrary to the popular belief is not an epitome of clean skin, but rather a cry for help from the skin itself. The natural makeup removers work just as good, if not better as the commercial removers, yet they leave the skin soft and supple.

The secret of a healthy glowing skin

You want to learn the secret to a healthy glowing skin? The secret is not hidden in record-breaking overpriced facial creams, reconstructive surgeries, nor Photoshop, but in a meticulous skincare regime. And in one little skincare method that is often overlooked – exfoliation. Learn why exfoliation is of a crucial importance in your efforts to a healthy and glowing looking skin.


The ultimate all natural lip-gloss recipes

Carefully nurtured lips are the epitome of women’s sensuality. Unfortunately, most of the lip glosses and lip balms that are commercially manufactured are packed with some ingredients that may lead to premature aging of the lips. The goal of this post is to provide its readers with the ultimate all natural lip gloss recipes that are 100% safe for use.