7 Benefits of Pilates


Have you ever wondered if Pilates is right for you? Read this article to learn what the actual benefits of this unique form of exercise are whether your goal is building muscle, rehabilitating injuries, losing weight or just increasing your overall fitness.

1. Building Muscle

Pilates focuses on core strength and because the workout revolves around moving your entire body, it pretty much works everything.  When we talk about muscle tone, some women are afraid that they will become buff and bulky but that’s not what happens with Pilates. Your muscles will be lean and long for that athletic but feminine look.

2. Increasing Fitness

There are different levels of Pilates and most moves have modified easier versions so it is suitable for everyone whether you are very unfit or highly athletic. It’s definitely suitable for any age and can be a good starting point if you are looking to increase your fitness.

3. Current Injuries

If you have any injuries, you can usually work around them so Pilates is a great way to stay in shape if you can’t do some of your regular workouts.  Some people even use it to rehabilitate injuries, just remember not to go too hard and seek the advice of your doctor first.

4. Future Injuries

Although not as effective as yoga, Pilates can increase your flexibility which means improved posture and greater resistance to injuries. The more flexible you are, the more effective your workouts become.

5. Weight loss

If your main goal is losing weight then unfortunately Pilates on its own might not be the best answer. You might find that it does make a difference but that is the increase in your muscle tone. If you want to lose weight, use Pilates in conjunction with some cardio and a healthy diet for the best possible results.

6. Healthy bones

Did you know that bones are similar to muscles in that you can increase their size to be healthier and fitter? Pilates works both muscle and bone so it can prevent things like osteoporosis and bone injuries in later years.

7. Increasing Energy

Exercise of any kind and cutting back on junk food can increase your energy but Pilates specifically focuses on breath and circulation in time with the movements so your breathing can become more effective. Not to mention the endorphin rush you get immediately after exercising.

Do you use Pilates as a form of exercise? If not, what kind of workout is your favorite?


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