Motivate Yourself to Get Physically Active!

It is very hard to keep yourself motivated and turn a physical activity into a daily healthy habit, but certainly, it is not a mission impossible. Here are the tips that will keep you moving even if you feel like you do not want to lift a finger:


Fight the urge to make excuses

The best way to fight this urge is to take a sheet of white plain paper and write down your ultimate goal. Maybe you want to shed a few pounds, to tone your muscles or feel the burst of energy filling up your full capacity. Write your goal and put it somewhere where you can read it every day. Also, you need to write down all the excuses that have limited you in the past and see if you can come up with viable solutions. This way every time you feel like making an excuse, you’ll know how to deal with it.

Invest in a high quality workout outfit

High quality workout outfit does not have to be expensive as the virtual world offers sales and clearances on a daily basis, and it is the thing that will motivate you to stick to your routine. You will feel comfortable, stylish and love the way you look in your active wear.

Find your routine

There are no ubiquitous workout regimes that work equally for everyone.  The selection of activities is vast: yoga, Pilates, cardio, running, stretching, dancing to your favorite tunes, even gardening counts. Do not feel bad about yourself if you do not feel as yoga is your thing or you feel like a guinea pig on the treadmill. Find your passion and stick to it. The only important thing is to move it, move it.

Take the road less favored

If you have plenty of workload, do not fall into despair. The secret lies in a change of thinking paradigm. When you go to work, try to get off one station early and walk more. If you go by car, park in the most remote parking space. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk to a colleague’s desk instead of sending him/her a mail.

Keep a workout log

Do not expect miracles in just a few days. Set some easily achievable goals and write them in a workout diary. This will help you track your achievement and will motivate you additionally. As you progress, increase the goals gradually and allow yourself to be amazed by your immense physical improvement.

Make it fun

Regardless of your choice of activity, your number one priority should be enjoyment. You need to love the way your body and your spirit feel like while you are engaged in it. If the activity is painful or boring, then that is your cue signaling for a change of your choice of physical activity.

I want to hear all about your motivational tips. Please tell us, which motivational tip keeps you sticking to your workout routine?


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